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Ashwin Chacko

Ashwin Chacko is an Indian illustrator and designer living and working in Dublin.

He is interested in uncovering the social interactions that drive culture. He seeks to capture these moments in bold lines and shapes with compositions that focus on a strong use of characters intermingled with typography and patterns.

He has worked with a variety of brands including Facebook, Nike, Puma, Absolut and many others.

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Ashwin Chacko - Dance Dance - Fierce NiceAshwin Chacko - Dance Dance - Fierce Nice
Ashwin Chacko
Dance Dance Sale priceFrom €55,00
Ashwin Chacko - Air Max - Fierce NiceAshwin Chacko - Air Max - Fierce Nice
Ashwin Chacko
Air Max Sale priceFrom €55,00
Ashwin Chacko - Sunkissed - Fierce NiceAshwin Chacko - Sunkissed - Fierce Nice
Ashwin Chacko
Sunkissed Sale priceFrom €55,00
Ashwin Chacko - Hello Spring - Fierce NiceAshwin Chacko - Hello Spring - Fierce Nice
Ashwin Chacko
Hello Spring Sale priceFrom €55,00
Ashwin Chacko - Embrace Nature - Fierce NiceAshwin Chacko - Embrace Nature - Fierce Nice
Ashwin Chacko
Embrace Nature Sale priceFrom €55,00
Ashwin Chacko - World's Banjaxed - Fierce NiceAshwin Chacko - World's Banjaxed - Fierce Nice
Ashwin Chacko
World's Banjaxed Sale priceFrom €55,00