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Vicki O'Donnell

Vicki O’Donnell is an Irish photographer who blends the scientific techniques of satellite imagery analysis with those of fine art. She started life as a wildlife zoologist and went on to specialise in working with aerial photography and satellite imagery where she processed high altitude data to analyse the earth. She learnt these techniques in Ireland, with NASA in Kennedy Space Centre and in Patagonia. She has worked most recently as a responder to global disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons and in conflict zones. The method of satellite imagery analysis that Vicki uses is very similar to the techniques she uses in her photographic art abstractions which includes using visible and infrared sensors. These unique techniques, coupled with her wildlife interest, are what drives her in her work today.

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Vicki O'Donnell - The Stare - Fierce NiceVicki O'Donnell - The Stare - Fierce Nice
Vicki O'Donnell
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Vicki O'Donnell - Oi - Fierce NiceVicki O'Donnell - Oi - Fierce Nice
Vicki O'Donnell
Oi Sale priceFrom €75,00