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Tag Beckett

Painter, thinker, maker, doer. Tag Beckett is an Irish artist from Dublin, Ireland. In the last eight years, he has been a part of over fifteen exhibitions, including two solo exhibitions in Dublin, two solo exhibitions in London (one in which he painted for 24 hours straight while his friend Tadhg Kelleher played the piano - '1440'). He also made a massive interactive art installation, 'The Positive Affirmation Generation Machine', for Castlepalooza music festival and Fuinneamh music and arts festival in Ireland.

Beckett is primarily a painter but loves creating stuff.

He paints large scale loose, but not abstract, symbolist paintings. His paintings are about how beautifully strange and bizarre it is being a man in his 30’s today, trying to make sense of why he is here, looking at his granddad and his dad and their legacy and wondering what his will be.

He also thinks it’s very important not to take life too seriously, never be embarrassed and to be kind.

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