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Sheelyn Browne

Sheelyn Browne is the 14th great-granddaughter of Grace O’Malley and one of the Westport House Brownes.

Sheelyn studied Visual Communications at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin and graduated with a Bachelor of Design in 1987. It was there that she became interested in relief cut printmaking, primarily in the form of Woodcut, which is one of the earliest techniques of illustration invented. The appeal for her was starting out in three-dimensional mode with knife and block of wood in hand, but with the end result being that of two dimensional – a print.

Sheelyn’s earliest influences were the works of the 18th Century Japanese woodcut artists. However, the German Expressionists were always and continue to be her biggest influences – artists like Heckel, Kirchner and Nolde being favourites.

Sheelyn has had solo exhibitions of her work in both The Bank of Ireland Art’s Centre, Dublin and in Blackburn House, Liverpool. Her works include some famous Irish writer portraits, figurative and wildlife themed images.

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Sheelyn Browne - Leaving the Nest - Fierce NiceSheelyn Browne - Leaving the Nest - Fierce Nice
Sheelyn Browne
Leaving the Nest Sale priceFrom €45,00
Sheelyn Browne - Little Bird - Fierce NiceSheelyn Browne - Little Bird - Fierce Nice
Sheelyn Browne
Little Bird Sale priceFrom €45,00
Sheelyn Browne - Snoozing in the Woods - Fierce NiceSheelyn Browne - Snoozing in the Woods - Fierce Nice
Sheelyn Browne - Just Chillin - Fierce NiceSheelyn Browne - Just Chillin - Fierce Nice
Sheelyn Browne
Just Chillin Sale price€45,00
Sheelyn Browne - Running Fox - Fierce NiceSheelyn Browne - Running Fox - Fierce Nice
Sheelyn Browne
Running Fox Sale price€45,00
Sheelyn Browne - Nesting - Fierce NiceSheelyn Browne - Nesting - Fierce Nice
Sheelyn Browne
Nesting Sale priceFrom €45,00