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Season Dailey

Season Dailey is an American visual artist, living and working in Dublin. Season’s paintings exist within an individualist ideology, when considering the recognised rules of aesthetics. From a personal gravitation towards vibrance, contrast and abundance, a new setting is created; evoking a dialogue between the subjects and the viewer. Through digital collage she combines reference photographs of objects and subjects to create new compositions. The main considerations are personal aesthetics, contrasts to the gendered space, and sensitivity to the subjects. As well as figurative, she creates intuitive mark making paintings and also abstract landscape paintings.

She graduated from the National College of Art and Design in 2020, where she received a first class honours in Painting. Her degree work was shortlisted for the RDS Visual Arts Awards, and also included in the Rua Red Winter Open of that year. Since then her paintings have been added to a number of public and private collections, auctioned with Herman Auctioneers and South Dublin Auctioneers, as well as included in multiple exhibitions, with galleries such as Hang Tough Contemporary.

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