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Olivia Henchy

Olivia Henchy is a contemporary visual artist from Co. Clare. Having graduated from LSAD with BA hons degree in graphic design, her early training in composition, colour and proportion is still very much evident in her work today as a painter.

Her work explores the persistent circle of life amongst a resilient yet fragile environment taking inspiration from the the coastal landscape near where she lives in Co. Clare. The layering and excavation process that she applies somewhat mirrors nature’s own process of building up and eroding surfaces over time.

Olivia predominantly works with acrylic, collage and pastel, building up geometric layers of flat pigment with loose mark making and soft veils of colour creating a sense of atmosphere and depth.

Recently selected for group exhibitions in The Courthouse Gallery Clare, Outset Gallery Galway, the Art Riddler exhibition Studio 10 Dublin, Olivia continues to exhibit in galleries widely throughout Ireland.

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Olivia Henchy - Hidden Narrative - Fierce NiceOlivia Henchy - Hidden Narrative - Fierce Nice
Olivia Henchy
Hidden Narrative Sale priceFrom €59,00
Olivia Henchy - Encapsulated Within - Fierce NiceOlivia Henchy - Encapsulated Within - Fierce Nice
Olivia Henchy
Encapsulated Within Sale priceFrom €55,00
Olivia Henchy - Submerge - Fierce NiceOlivia Henchy - Submerge - Fierce Nice
Olivia Henchy
Submerge Sale priceFrom €55,00
Olivia Henchy - Blue Symphony - Fierce NiceOlivia Henchy - Blue Symphony - Fierce Nice
Olivia Henchy
Blue Symphony Sale priceFrom €55,00
Olivia Henchy - Layers of Time - Fierce NiceOlivia Henchy - Layers of Time - Fierce Nice
Olivia Henchy
Layers of Time Sale priceFrom €55,00