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Joshua Rush

Joshua Rush is an illustrator and visual artist from County Antrim in the north of Ireland. He graduated from Ulster University in 2018 with a first-class honours degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. His final year work was selected by The Royal Ulster Academy of Arts and displayed at their 137th annual exhibition in Belfast's Ulster Museum, where it was seen by an audience of 180,000 people. Rush is currently working towards establishing his own freelance creative practice, which he plans on running from his home studio.

Rush says of his artwork: "it encompasses multiple disciplines and mediums, including print, animation, fine art, woodwork and soon fabric and textiles. I utilise the rawness of simple mark making and refined elements to create layered visuals that have depth and complexity, sometimes lingering on the line of abstraction. As for the 'why' behind my work, I create it not only to help myself but to aid others. I want my art to be a catalyst for awareness of various social, political, cultural and environmental issues. Being a young person, I believe our generation demands change - from climate change to LGBTQ rights - and I feel very much a part of that movement".

Joshua Rush

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