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Conor Nolan

Conor Nolan is an illustrator, printmaker and designer currently based in Dublin, Ireland. After graduating from NCAD in 2016, Conor began building a portfolio of illustration, developing a distinct visual language and taking an interest in applying work to both art and design disciplines, continuously pushing his practice outward through different means including printmaking and self-publishing, among other methods.

Conor's work largely centres on using illustration to document common occurrences and situations, in a way that celebrates the everyday people and places of Dublin. This is done through an illustrative style which uses collage, texture, and limited colour palettes, capturing the process of making within his finished work and relying on his background in printmaking to bring a sense of tactility to these scenes.  

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Conor Nolan - Flight - Fierce NiceConor Nolan - Flight - Fierce Nice
Conor Nolan
Flight Sale price€79,00
Conor Nolan - Few Bits - Fierce NiceConor Nolan - Few Bits - Fierce Nice
Conor Nolan
Few Bits Sale price€79,00
Conor Nolan - Grey Days - Fierce NiceConor Nolan - Grey Days - Fierce Nice
Conor Nolan
Grey Days Sale price€79,00
Conor Nolan - For You the Moon - Fierce NiceConor Nolan - For You the Moon - Fierce Nice
Conor Nolan
For You the Moon Sale price€79,00