New Artist: Ashwin Chacko

We are excited to announce that our gallery is now home to a range of exclusive new prints by Ashwin Chacko (aka Whacko Chacko).

Ashwin is a multi-disciplined illustrator, designer and hand-letterer, originally from India, now living and working in Dublin. He develops conceptual illustrations for advertising campaigns, products, editorial, children’s books and more, and has worked with a variety of high-profile clients including Facebook, Nike, Vans, Puma and Absolut.

He describes his style thusly: "It's influenced by contemporary culture and rooted in my love for music, comics, tattoos and street art. I love telling stories and am interested in uncovering the social interactions that drive culture. I seek to capture these moments in bold lines and shapes. My compositions focus on a strong use of characters intermingled with typography and patterns".

You can find out more about Ashwin and shop a collection of his work at the following link: The Ashwin Chacko Collection.

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